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Got A Submarine Safe? Check Out Our Ammo Box Offers: A blog on the new ammo box which provides the best security possible for your valuables.

Got a submarine safe? Stop getting lost in the bush. Take a look at our fully secure ammo boxes from a technical point of view.

Your basement is your fortress. You wish to keep all your valuables in there, but you know that it’s not really safe to just lock them in there. Although it does seem like an adequate security measure. So you could buy one of our Submarine Safes, or Bluestar Safes, which are the same thing. Either way, your valuable items will be protected.

Is this blog about ammo boxes? No. If you are looking for ammunition for your shotgun, go to Shotmaker. Visit ShotMaker for shell casings used in the U.S. market.

Ammo Boxes are big right now, what with the high value of gold and silver , the demand for some people is only increasing.

How would you like to spend your retirement sorting through old boxes of ammunition and selling them on eBay? Assuming the Navy doesn’t confiscate all your handmade ammo boxes first, that is. Well, we can help you out there as well!

Do you have a boat? Or maybe you’re thinking about buying one. If so, protection of the contents is essential. There are many options, but to start it off, I’ll tell you that there are two major types of floating vessels: submarines and torpedo boats.

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