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9mm luger

Is That Bullet Really 9mm? A guide about 9mm luger ammunition.

Not all 9mm bullets are the same. Some 9mm luger rounds measure 8.92mm or 9.01mm and may not fit in your gun. Learn how to check and see if a new box of ammo will work in your older gun:  “Is That Bullet Really 9mm?”

After reading this guide, you will be able to determine whether the 9mm bullet you’re about to use is really 9mm.

Ever bought a box of 9mm and wonder if the ammunition inside is really 9mm? This ebook, written by AB Clifton, explains an easy way to spot if your ammo is actually 9mm Luger. With pictures you will see how you can measure your ammunition to see if it is 9mm Luger. This ebook will be updated several times through out the next year as new research comes across that should be shared with others.

It’s a question that plagues many a casual shooter: On my gun is says 9mm, but my box of 9mm says “9X19”. What gives? Well, wonder no more! In this article we go back to the beginning and explain what exactly is 9×19.

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