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9mm ammo

9mm ammo

What is 9MM ammo? :: A blog explaining the history and uses of 9mm ammunition.

9mm ammo comes in many varieties! It’s the most popular ammunition cartridge for handguns in the world. We have stock of  ammo for sale at wholesale prices. Georg Luger developed 9mm and it became the standard cartridge at the German army in 1907. We wanted to give you better price on popular types so we use proprietary method to get more value – we buy brass casing at lower price and re-finish the ammunition which increases our margin significantly. And because we are using reliable materials, our ammo is 1,000% SAFE for your gun, storing it or even shipping. All of our cartridges are non-corrosive, berdan-primed, reloadable brass cased too!

What is 9mm ammo? A lot of people have questions, so I figured I would start this blog to share what I have learned about 9mm ammunition. As a beginner’s guide on the topic of 9mm ammo, I will be covering the history of 9mm rounds and all kinds of different types of 9mm ammo.

Is Ammo really as popular as it seems? Who uses it? Where did it come from? These are just a few of the questions we will answer on this page. We have more than a few questions to ask so let’s get started.

Come on, you know your gun will be totally awesome with 9mm ammo in it (probably). But what is 9mm ammunition? Is it like the same as .380, but bigger? Is it like .45 ACP or .38 S&W? Do you need different size handguns to shoot different ammo types? I’m here to tell you everything you wanted to know about 9mm (and probably things you didn’t want to know too).

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